Wok Buffet Los Alcazares

If you like chinese this restaurant is a must. It is probably one of the best value meals you will get in Los Alcazares restaurants around 9 euros for as much as you can eat.

It is only a 10 minutes walk from roda golf over the bridge to the roundabout and turn left you cant miss it.

The choice is fantastic with a choice of starters from soups to crispy duck . Pre made dishes or you can pick you own raw meat, fish and vegetables and have it cooked on the griddle or in the wok with a choice of sauces.

For your desert there is a variety of fresh fruit and ice creams. And why not follow it with a complementary shot of your choice from the freezer alcohol and non alcohol for the kids.

It is well worth a visit we give it our best value for money from the food critic Adrian Smith


Last Updated August 19, 2009

Chinese Wok Buffet

Wok Buffet

Oriental 222 restaurante

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Wok Buffet