Penny Farthing Los Alcazares

The Penny farthing is situated in Los Alcazares - Serving traditional english breakfasts from 10am in the morning for a very reasonable price. They call them the farthing and penny!!

Light lunches and snacks are available during the day and is only a 10 min walk from the beach.

They have many homemade dishes like fajitas lasagna they also have a children's menu.

There is plenty of seating inside the los alcazares restaurant which is fully air conditioned with a flat screen TV but for those that prefer Al fresco seating is provided outside.

It is open from10am till late

Tel: 00 34 968 583 385

Bayside restaurant area Penny Farthing


Last Updated May 5, 2010

The Penny Farthing



Bayside Los Alcazares

For all your Snacks Los Alcazares

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