Lo Pagan Mud Baths

One of my favorite villages is a place called Lo Pagan and is just down from San Pedro Del Pinatar salt flats. It has a lovely beach area and is most famous for its mud baths.

In resent years some wooden jetties have been constructed with steps allowing you to get down to the water and of course to the glorious mud. It is about 5" to 6" deep and is warm and quite squashy under foot. Why do this you ask ?? Well here is why:-

This mud is recommended for many types of skin complaint such as ulcers, acne, inflammation abscesses it is also recommended for arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

This sediment that has formed contains high levels minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, fluorine, sulphur and chlorine and it has been discovered that applying it to the skin and allowing it to dry in the sun results in beneficial effects for many ailments

The skin is left soft and smooth it is the same style of treatment as a beauty spa but not quite so refined but the good news is it is free well at least it is at the moment. Down side it does smell a bit!!

Have fun and take a mud bath its a once in a life time experience but be sure to wash it off on the right side of the jetty as you will soon be told off by the locals if you don't. We call them the mud police :)

You to can look like this Mud Baths at Lo PaganLo Pagan Mud Baths Mud Glorious Mud

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Mud Baths at Lo Pagan

Mud Bath

Mud Baths

Windmill at Lo Pagan

Lo Pagan

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Mud Baths at Lo Pagan